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“African Subjects in Greek Pottery: A Call for Comprehensive Interpretation” by Miranda Lovett

We’re thrilled to announce a special lecture by a member of our very own AATAW team. Miranda Lovett presents “African Subjects in Greek Pottery: A Call for Comprehensive Interpretation.”

Miranda Lovett is the current Public Programs Intern at the Getty Villa Museum. She is interested in Greek art and archaeology, particularly in the Bronze Age and Archaic period, ancient identity, and modern reception of antiquity. Miranda received her B.A. in Classics at the University of Mary Washington and her M.A. in Classical Archaeology at the University of Arizona.

Her presentation highlights issues with how scholars present and interpret depictions of Africans in Greek pottery.

Miranda provided us with the following abstract: 

“Depictions of Africans in Greek pottery have long been studied by archaeologists and historians, but interpretations about why the Greeks chose these subjects continue to change. Even when dismissing the blatant racism of early scholarship, modern scholars struggle to present these subjects without using inappropriate or outdated terminology or reducing Africans to mere slaves. As stewards of antiquity, academics and museum professionals alike are responsible for providing interpretations that make sense within the context of antiquity and within modernity. Focusing on a single object in the Getty Villa collection, an Athenian wine pitcher, this paper discusses what is known about the Greek context of this vessel, issues of terminology, and the role modern museums play in presenting racialized subjects.” 

Miranda has not asked us to share any content warnings with our audience. 

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