Lecture Creation Process

This page walks you through AATAW’s process of submitting and creating a lecture. You’ve seen the Call for Papers – now what?

1. Submit an application through our online submission form here

This requires a title, 250 word abstract, and select bibliography of your most relevant sources. You’ll hear back about your application within two weeks after the due date. AATAW does rolling submissions every three months, so there’s always a chance to apply.

2. Submit preliminary documents

Once you’ve received your acceptance email with instructions, you’ll upload your preliminary documents within three weeks. These include the following:

  • Script or thorough outline
  • Draft of slides
  • Photo (for social media promotion)
  • Introduction for us to use to tell our audience who you are
  • Revised 150 word abstract

You can also view our presenter guidelines here, which provide more information on presentation and video expectations.

You can see examples of introductions and revised abstracts on any of our lecture posts. Here are two examples of scripts and outlines:

One of our presenters, Susanna Pilny, submitted a full script, which you can view here. This is what she read during her video, and also what we used to create accurate subtitles for her video. This is a traditional conference-style lecture.

Another one of our presenters, Dr. Katherine Iselin, submitted a thorough outline, which you can view here. This is more of a teaching-style video that does not follow an exact script. Katherine additionally submitted a transcript of her video later in the process so we could create accurate subtitles.

3. Preliminary document approval

Once you’ve submitted your documents, the AATAW team will provide feedback within two weeks. Your documents will either be approved with three weeks to film and upload your video, or approved pending revisions if there are significant issues. You’ll receive further instructions, and a rubric with the team’s evaluation and comments:

Common document feedback comments:

  • Define jargon – be sure to define chronological and technical terms for a general audience
  • Use consistent terminology
  • Include captions to cite image sources on slides
  • Clear introduction and conclusion – should layout/sum up your lecture
  • Mention the scholars’ names when you reference their arguments

4. Final documents and video approval

Once you’ve revised your script and slides and created your video lecture, you’ll upload them within three weeks for approval. You can check out our video on How to Record Video Lectures for more recording tips. The video approval rubric is similar to the document rubric:

Common video feedback comments:

  • Speaker needs to be visible in video
  • Resolution needs to be at least 480p
  • Format needs to be .mp4 format
  • Feedback not incorporated

The AATAW team will review your final documents within two weeks. Once your video has been approved, both your bibliography and your final script/transcript will be posted on our website when your video lecture is posted. The AATAW team edits in an introduction and outro to your video, reviews the subtitles, and posts the final product on our YouTube channel.

5. Lecture announced!

AATAW will announce your published lecture on social media and our website! Presenters can expect their lectures to be published 2-3 months after acceptance.

Questions? Comments? Reach out to AATAW through our contact page. We’re always happy to hear from you.