(Upcoming) “Something Old, Something New: Using Technological Tools to Link the Past to Modern Audiences” by Neecole A. Gregory

Lecture coming soon!

Institutions and sites that house ancient objects must compete daily with modern distractions, mainly technology. Adjusting to this new reality, many establishments have decided to utilize these digital tools to better engage a more active, diverse audience. By utilizing devices such as smartphones, 3D documentation, augmented and virtual reality, cultural organizations can foster memorable and personalized interactions with visitors. Currently, there is a large gap in the literature that covers cross-examinations of multiple projects that implement these technologies. A review of case studies and scholarly research on the individual digital tools would present common variables in technological-based public programs that make them successful. Additionally, it would also produce the required materials and labor necessary to start these projects. Comparing this information to the needs of the modern audience member would show the reason why institutions should see these technologies as tools for the future.

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